Steel alloys and what makes a good sword

Why is it that people are so incredibly fixated on steel type? I just had a lengthy discussion with a guy on why I was using the steel I use and not what he thought best, etc. You all know, there are ENDLESS discussions on what‘s the best possible sword or knife steel and incredibly, […]

Sword sharpness

Swords need sharp edges (duh). We have a more or less precise idea of how swords are supposed to be used from looking at historical manuals and it is obvious that brute strength and hammering is neither necessary nor the sensible thing to do. While the manuals do tell us to fight with all our […]

Hand-made and perfection

This is something that I struggle with on a frequent basis. My swords are entirely hand-made, there are no CNC-machines or other computer-guided devices. A set square, a compass and a set of old calipers (my grand-father‘s) are my only technical devices for measuring stuff. And me eyes of course. I tend to do a […]