Bowie knife

This Bowie sports a 20,5cm (8“) blade, the overall length is 33,5cm (13“). It weighs 240g (0,5lbs). A substantial knife but compact enough be useful for bushcrafting chores or the like. Or, indeed, as a companion on hunting trips, which is what I will use it for.
In any case, this piece is intended to be a user. The blackened finish of the guard and peen block reflect this, as does the overall appereance of the knife. No unnecessary embellishment, no fancy materials. The design is not without elegance though, the shaping and the proportions are well thought out and carefully executed.

In hand, the knife feels substantial but quick, with a slight forward pull, inviting cutting or chopping motions. The PoB is right at the plunge cut. The tip tracks well despite the forward bias. Bowie knives are good fighting knives by design and this one is no exception. Because it will be mainly used for practical purposes and not as a fighter, the back edge isn’t fully sharpened. It is ground down to zero but left without the final honing. If I ever decide it needs a fully sharpened back edge, it will be a quick matter to do it. The front edge is hair shaving sharp along its entire length but the actual shape of the edge varies: the lower half which will be used for whittling, cutting soft materials, etc features a thinner, more acute edge whereas the upper half is ground to a stouter, more convex edge for chopping into tougher materials. And it does chop remarkably well for its size and weight.

Grip materials are antler and walnut with leather spacers.