XVIII single hander “lady in black”

This handy little sword is based on late medieval XVIII single handers. Wide and thin bladed, with acute edges and a fine point, it offers excellent cutting and thrusting capabilities. Though stiff enough to be used in armored combat, it is at its best in unarmored fighting, ideally in combination with a buckler. The low overall weight combined with a very pleasant balance make this a very agile weapon.

Overall length: 87cm
Blade length: 72cm
Blade width at base: 4.7cm
PoB: 13cm
CoP: ca 46cm
weight: 905g

From an aesthetic point of view, clear ridges and sweeping curves dominate. The guard tapers to almost sharp ends, mirroring the wide and thin blade. The blade is of diamond cross section, with the central ridge following on through the handle. The fire blackened fittings and dark red leather give the sword a somewhat sinister appereance.