XVIIIb War Sword


Overall length: 134.5cm (53“)
Blade length: 101cm (40“)
Blade width at base: 4.7cm (1.85“)
PoB: 11.5cm (4.5“)
CoP: 61cm (24“)
Forward pivot point: at tip
Hilt node: 7cm (2.8“) behind guard in the handle
Weight: 1960g (4.3lbs)

While certainly of the bigger and stouter type, the sword is an excellent example of a late medieval longsword. The massive and stiff XVIII blade combines well defined, sharp edges with a deadly thrusting point. The long handles gives ample space for two hands and enough leverage to manouver the 40“ blade.

I can imagine a sword like this to be used not only in a civilian context but also on the battlefield, cutting down those with little or no protection and working the point into the unarmored gaps of those able to afford plate. Having tested this sword‘s brother against mail, I can say that it would probably have little trouble penetrating but the very best of mail.