XVIIIb longsword


Steel: 56Si7, heat treated to ca. 58Rc by the gents at www.Schmiedeglut.de
overall length: 132.5cm (52.1“)
blade length: 101cm (39.8“)
blade width at base: 4cm (1.57“)
weight: 1670g (3.7lbs)
PoB: 11cm (4.3“)
CoP: 60cm (23.6“)
forward pivot point: at tip
hilt node: 7cm (2.75“) behind guard (about 4cm before the middle riser)

This is a fairly typical late 15th, early 16th century longsword. Long, slender and agile yet not without power. The blade is a lot more massive than it looks and perfectly capable of heavy hits. The very acute point would be quite useful against armor as well.