Complex hilted XVIIIb longsword


overall length: 143cm (56.3“)
blade length: 107.5cm (42.3“)
blade width at guard: 4.7cm (1.8“)
PoB: 12cm (4.7“)
CoP: ca 65cm (26“)
weight: 2420g (5.3lbs)
hilt node: 8cm behind guard (3.2“)
forward pivot point: at tip

This sword again proves that the weight only tells part of the story. It is very big and heavy, yet in hand that weight, while certainly present, isn‘t nearly as much of a hindrance as one might think. The idea behind this piece was to create a sword similar in size to the imposing late 15th and early 16th century war swords the Landsknechts are so famous for but with the handling characteristics of a true longsword, to be employed for fencing in the style of the German school of longsword. The goal was also to make a rather cutting oriented blade that still retains good point control and thrusting ability. I believe the sword to be a full success in that sense. It combines excellent (!) cutting performance with a sharp, stiff and well defined point that can be moved quickly and precisely, especially with the index finger placed in front of the guard.

Make no mistake, this IS a huge sword and requires both good body mechanics and a certain amount of strength to use but to those who have that, it offers truly devastating potential. I would absolutely hate to fight someone capable and armed with this sword… the powerful blows would be very hard to displace, yet at the same time there‘s nothing sluggish about this sword. And the reach is a whole other matter.



Here is the customer himself cutting with the blade. Thigh thick newspaper rolls indeed! Excellently done.