Various links to websites of people I value or otherwise stuff worth checking out. Not sorted in any way, just a collection of links.

Schwabenfeder Ulm: My HEMA Club.

SBG Forum: My favorite sword forum, the place that showed me the wonderful world of swords.

myArmoury: An excellent resource for historical European weaponry.

Arno Eckhardt: Former swordmaker and owner of “Die Traumschmiede”. He heat treated my first sword blades, answered many questions and helped me on my way. I’m very grateful for that!

Don Fogg’s forum: Excellent forum where some of the best craftsmen in the world meet, post their work and chat. Cannot image a better resource of knowledge (or a nicer bunch of people). Many of my questions have been answered there and that forum continues to make me keep pushing myself to constantly improve my work.

Jake Powning: Cool guy whose work never fails to blow my mind.

Peter Johnsson: Needs no introduction. His work is my greatest inspiration and one cannot overestimate the impact he has had (and still has) on the community’s understanding of the medieval sword. Hats off. I also come to more and more appreciate and admire him for the great person he is and his wisdom in things not only sword-related.

J. Arthur Loose: Just an all-round awesome dude who makes some great stuff.

Dave Stephens: Another cool guy I had the pleasure of meeting… I really want to make it to his Arctic Fire event at some point.

Der kleine Messerladen: That’s where my belt sander came from. Couldn’t be happier with it.

Lucilinburhuc: Website of the reenactment group headed by Daniel Rosenfeld, an accomplished reenactor, historical fencer and sword maker.

The Printed Armoury: Using 3D-printing technology, Mika Jia of the Printed Armoury offers fittings for sword blades… a collaboration project is already in planning.

London Longsword Academy: Website of London-based HEMA instructor Dave Rawlings.

HEMA News: A blog by several authors on all kinds of HEMA matters. Articles, reviews, etc.

Schwertgeflüster: A German-speaking HEMA podcast run by two fencing buddies of mine, Alexander Fürgut and Michael Sprenger.

Hema Guide: A collection of HEMA-related articles written by Alexander Fürgut.

3Wunder: Adam Dörflinger’s website. My go-to guy for scabbards and leatherwork of all kind. He does excellent work.