Tactical sword


Steel: 56Si7 hardened to 58HRC at the edge, the spine is a bit softer, ca 55HRC, base and tang drawn back to the low 40s.
Overall length: 72cm (28,4”)
Blade length: 55cm (21,6”)
Grip length: 14cm (5,5”)
Blade width at base (where edge starts): 6cm (2,3”)
Blade width 1” before tip: 1cm (0,4”)
CoB: 10,5cm below guard (4,1”)
CoP: will be discussed in the vid, pretty much the upper half of the blade
Blade thickness: 5,5mm (0,210”) at base tapers in a convex curve to 2,5mm (0,100”) before tip.
Weight: 785g (1,7lb)
Handle scales are some unknown wood with leather liners and four steel pins.

This very handy and durable little sword turned out to be an absolutely ferocious cutter. I still have it and it’s the piece I always give to beginners when teaching them how to cut because it makes it really easy. It’s also practically indestructible, which helps.

Wouldn’t be a bad choice at all for a bug-out-bag…