XVIIIa bastard sword with scabbard


Steel: 56Si7 heat treated by Arno Eckhardt to 58Rc at the cutting edge
Overall length: 107cm (42“)
Blade length: 84.5cm (33.2“)
Handle length: 16.5cm (6.5“)
Blade width at base: 4.7cm (1.8“)
Blade width 1“ from tip: 1.3cm (0.5“)
COG: 9cm (3.5“) below guard
Blade node: 53cm (20.8“) below guard
Hilt node: 7cm (2.7“) behind guard, approx. in the center of the grip
Weight: 1140g (2.5lb)

The goal of this sword was to create a weapon solely for civilian use, often referred to as „riding sword“. The blade is with 33“ long enough to be used in the Liechtenauer fashion but is more comfortable to carry than a true longsword with a 36-38“ blade. Due to its light weight and compact size it is also quite usable one handed, presumably in combination with a buckler. In other words: It‘s a great all-rounder.

This is the sword used in the comparison review on myArmoury. You can find a link to it the “Reviews” section.

(Upon purchase, the customer reconsidered and decided on a black grip, hence there are two versions…)