I’ve been repeatedly asked for reviews on my swords. Here’s what there already is:

An extensive test and comparison of several high end medieval swords, including Albions and one of my earlier pieces

A regular review on SBG

Review of my XVIIIa longsword by Peter Smallridge of the Waterloo Sparring Group from London. 

Review of my XVIIIa longsword by Dave Rawlings of the London Longsword Academy. Note that there has been a misunderstanding about the price but that was quickly cleared up 🙂 

Review of my I.33 sword by Roland Warzecha

Review of the Swiss Degen my Skallagrim

A short article about my work

Review of a Langes Messer by Skallagrim and Philip Martin

Review of a XVIIIc by Matthew Jensen

Comparison with 3 other XVIIIc again by Matthew Jensen

Customer review posted with pictures of a XVIIIa War Sword

Keep in mind that all reviews only represent the state of my work at the time of the review. I am constantly striving to improve, incorporating feedback from reviews and buyers and several aspects have changed quite noticeably to the positive just in the last year. For a current impression of my work, it is best to always check the pics of my most recent piece. The knowledgeable eye will see where improvements have been made.

Also, I make it a point to test every sword I make before shipping it out to ensure it performs as intended. You can view the cutting videos in the “sword section”.